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Lucent Debuts IPTV, VoIP Solution For Service Providers

Posted by inet - 2005-10-21

Lucent Technologies has announced a new solution designed to allow providers to cost-effectively deliver Internet television (IPTV), voice over IP (VoIP) and multimedia services to consumers.

The Lucent Multimedia Access Platform supports a wide range of access technologies including the most recent versions of asynchronous digital subscriber line (ADSL) and very high bite rate digital subscriber line (VDSL), Ethernet passive optical networking (EPON), gigabit Ethernet passive optical networking (GPON) and WIMAX. The platform also supports IPv6 as well as a full suite of Layer 2, Layer 3 and advanced packet processing capabilities and up to 10 gigabits per backplane slot.

Integrated with Lucent's IP Multimedia System, the Multimedia Access platform can help ensure a consistent look and feel for advanced services, however they are delivered to the customer. The integrated platforms can also provide customers with a single point of access for all services and portability between wireless and wireline networks.

"Service providers are well-positioned to go beyond simple IPTV to offer new, ground-breaking multimedia services to consumers," Lucent vice president and general manager for Broadband Solutions Rob Piconi said in a statement. "We're rapidly turning consumer TVs into true multimedia terminals, combining video with interactive applications such as Web browsing, video conferencing and personal, portable TV services."

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