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Review: ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 6.0

Posted by iTech - 2005-10-20

When you think of firewalls, ZoneAlarm comes to mind. But few buyers look to Zone Labs for antivirus and complete Internet security products as they would Symantec or McAfee. The company hopes to change this and push itself further into the security industry for home users.
ZoneAlarm's Internet Security Suite 6.0 seeks nothing less than to cover every home or office user's security needs. While much of the application remains the same with basic firewalls and antivirus software, Zone Labs has added three new features.

The first is a triple-defense firewall that protects your system from external and internal threats. The layers of protection cover Internet programs and Trojan horses all the way down to the operating system and registry. The added dimension of securing your system internally is a new and welcome feature to the Security Suite.

Zone Labs updated its Anti-Spyware program to integrate better in Internet browsers and catch spyware applications at any stage. Some antispyware programs only block malicious programs before they are installed, whereas ZoneAlarm's device can detect and remove spyware at any location on your computer, installed or not.

The last new addition to Security Suite 6.0 is a SmartDefense Service. Similar to Symantec's LiveUpdate, SmartDefense automatically detects, downloads, and installs new virus and spyware signatures to keep your antivirus and security software up to date. With this feature, users can install and forget about their system defenses with the assurance that their application will remain current.

In addition to these new features, users receive a well-rounded Internet security program from Zone Labs. Wireless PC Protection automatically recognizes and shares security features with computers on a network. Parental controls, phishing, and spam blockers also add an extra level of protection for those who need it.

The Internet Security Suite 6.0 is available for $69.95. This price includes one year of updates, making it an altogether good investment, given the level and caliber of protection.

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