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Cadence pushes for accelerating IEEE P1647 e standardization

Posted by iTech - 2005-10-18

SAN FRANCISCO — Cadence Design Systems Inc. said Monday (Oct. 17) that has stepped up its support for the IEEE P1647 e standardization effort in response to user demand.

Cadence (San Jose, Calif.) said it has contributed resources for technical editing and program management to ensure the standard is of the highest quality and completed on time. According to Cadence, its contribution comes as increased participation and interest in the IEEE working group has enabled a dramatic compression in the schedule for completion. Technical content of the standard was completed June 6, the company said, four months ahead of schedule.

Cadence said standardizing "e language" within IEEE and opening it up to development would benefit customers as products are joined by a burgeoning marketplace of e-based tools. These complementary technologies will also be accelerated to market by the openness and stability provided by an IEEE-backed standard, Cadence said.

"With project and process level automation becoming more and more critical, Cadence has come to the realization that the best way to support customers is to offer support for standards that address the needs of each specialist in the verification process," said Victor Berman, director of language standards at Cadence. "We don't subscribe to the approach that dictates to users the language they must use for a given task. The bottom line is we support choice."

The IEEE initiated a ballot on the e LRM Sept. 27. If the ballot passes, the e functional verification language is expected to be standardized by the IEEE by March 2006.

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