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Hitachi, Denali collaborate on CE-ATA simulation models

Posted by iTech - 2005-10-16

Denali Software Inc. and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies have announced the availability of advanced CE-ATA simulation models for Hitachi's 8-gigabyte "Mikey" hard drive, officially known as Microdrive 3K8.
According to the companies, chip designers can use the software to simulate the detailed interaction between CE-ATA (or consumer electronics ATA) product designs and Microdrive-based devices at the pre-silicon stage of chip development. The models enable designers to improve product design quality and speed time-to-market for new consumer electronics devices, the companies said.

The simulation models are available now to select customers on the Web sites of Denali and Hitachi.

"Hitachi's goal is to provide customers with leading-edge hard drives and the support they need to deliver innovative consumer electronics devices," said Larry Swezey, deputy general manager for Hitachi's Mobile Hard Drive business unit, in a statement. "This CE-ATA simulation model will enable Microdrive 3K8 customers to streamline development and testing processes and accelerate their time-to-market."

The new Hitachi Microdrive 3K8 is a 1.0-inch hard drive, featuring what the company says is a dramatically reduced footprint and power consumption for integration into mobile phones and other ultra-miniature consumer electronic devices. The drive has a maximum capacity of 8GB, and is available exclusively for embedded applications. It features a ZIF connector supporting PATA, CE-ATA, or ATA on MMC interfaces.

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