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Cell Phone-Crazed Miami Is All Talk

Posted by iTech - 2006-09-11

It's official: Miami is Talk City or at least it's Cell Phone Talk City according to a report Thursday from Verizon Wireless which says that Miami residents talk on their wireless phones more than other cell phone users.

Verizon Wireless released the results of a nationwide survey of the largest cities in the U.S. Miami callers made and received an average of calls every month to daily calls. Residents of the second place city in the survey Los Angeles made only monthly calls.

Other big talking cities in the Top and the number of calls Verizon Wireless subscribers made were: Detroit calls; El Paso Texas ; Las Vegas Nev. ; Long Beach Calif. and Cleveland ; Fresno Calif. ; Memphis ; and Nashville . The biggest city in the country " New York City " came in in th place with monthly calls.

"Our study offers an interesting snapshot of how Americans have come to rely on their wireless service every day at home and on the road" said Verizon Wireless executive Dick Lynch in a statement.

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