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Samsung unveils intelligent mobile display driver

Posted by inet - 2006-09-07

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has developed an intelligent mobile display driver IC that enables liquid crystal displays (LCDs) on handheld devices to deliver clearer images in broad daylight.

Unlike conventional ICs that merely drive the display Samsung's chip automatically determines the optimal image output based on the brightness of ambient light measured. While enhancing the visibility of onscreen images outdoors this driver can reduce the display's power consumption nearly percent by lowering the backlight's brightness indoors Samsung said.

The photosensor and intelligent driver divides the detected light into levels. The device then selects the most appropriate image enhancement algorithm for each level making the colors more lifelike.

The enhancement algorithm analyzes color data for each pixel and reconfigures it to an optimally recognizable condition by adjusting brightness and saturation for crisper visibility. With the primary colors intensified the LCD images remain bright even when the display is exposed to direct sunlight.

Samsung expects to begin mass producing the display driver by the year's end.

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