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Interactive Intelligence Upgrades Unified Communications Software

Posted by iNext - 2006-08-12

Interactive Intelligence has released an upgraded version of its unified communications software Communite which offers unified messaging interactive voice response and realtime communications services.
The new release version . offers new functions for speechenabled mobile applications including adding a speechenabled menu for message retrieval status changes and company directory access. In addition a new telephone user interface allows for the use of XML for emulation of existing voice mail menus which can reduce user training requirements when replacing voice mail systems.

Other new features include customizable status codes that can be applied to different messaging rules for instance "if out of office forward calls to mobile phone".

Communite initially released in supports multiple thirdparty email packages including Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes and multiple telephony architectures including legacy PBXs the Cisco AVVID platform and VoIP using SIP.

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