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Amazon Unveils Search Aid That Helps Customers Find Products

Posted by iTech - 2006-08-12

Amazon.com Inc. introduced Thursday a search aid aimed at helping customers find what they are looking for through usersubmitted recommendations.

The "Search Suggestions" feature calls for usersubmitted recommendations for connecting products to specific keywords. The feature also has an explanation of why the connection is relevant.

As an example Amazon said the entry "bnvu charger" leads to the compatible battery charger "ESA Battery Charger." Shakespeare's "Macbeth" pops up through a search for "The Scottish Play" along with a link: "theater superstition dictates that 'Macbeth' is referred to as 'the Scottish play.'"

A search for "stolen data" finds the book "I.T. Wars: Managing The BusinessTechnology Weave in the New Millennium."

Matt Round Amazon's director of Software Development said customers passionate about particular products are most likely to utilize the Search Suggestions feature.

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