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Samsung Memory Boosts Vista PCs in a Flash

Posted by iTech - 2006-07-30

Tired of waiting for software applications to boot up? If so here?s some good news: Samsung announced that it has developed a new PC memory technology that will allow PCs with Microsoft?s upcoming Windows Vista operating system to run their software much faster than is currently possible. Samsung?s new technology known as a solidstate disc (SSD) will be available as a GB highspeed NAND memory "cache" to be installed in newer PCs sporting the Windows Vista operating system.
The SSD will be able to utilize a new feature in Vista called ReadyBoost which takes advantage of flash memory to speed up access to frequentlyused software programs. While a traditional hard drive can accommodate only system "requests" per second Samsung said its SSD can service up to requests per second "virtually eliminating data seek delays." That means that PC users will experience a tremendous performance boost according to Samsung.


The targeted users for this use of the SSD are gamers graphics designers and other highend users the company said. Because ReadyBoost automatically compresses all data the GB SSD will actually be able to store GB of information.

According to Microsoft SuperFetch memory management another new Vista feature will preload commonlyused applications and data for use by ReadyBoost. It is designed to be aware of applications and data that you regularly use even knowing what you usually use on weekends as compared to weekdays.

The company said that the SSD could also be used with a "hybrid" hard drive which combines flash memory with a traditional hard drive as a secondary data cache. Samsung released such a Hybrid Hard Drive in May.

Another $

Joseph Unsworth an analyst with technology research firm Gartner said that this SSD drive could add another $ to the overall cost of a PC. "It will help in some performance areas and in reliability because you're not using your hard drive as much" he said. "But Samsung will need to tell people why it's worth the extra cost."

"This is a step in NAND flash complementing hard drives" Unsworth explained. "But hard drives will continue to have the advantage in price per gigabyte for the next five to ten years."

The SSD drive can also be installed in either a .inch ATA disk drive bay or with an adapter kit in a .inch bay. It is expected to be available when Vista launches next year.

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