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Intel Will Beat AMD To Market With Quad-Core Processors

Posted by iMark - 2006-07-23

Advanced Micro Devices beat Intel to the market with the first dualcore x server processors but Intel this week said it will be the first to market with quadcore offerings.

The move to multicore processors will begin hitting the mainstream x server and desktop markets later this year when Intel begins shipping quadcore devices. AMD is not expected to ship a quadcore processor until later in .

During the company's second quarter earnings call Wednesday Paul Otellini president and chief executive of Intel said that quadcore processors for the server and desktop will ship late this year instead of the first quarter of as had been originally projected.

As previously reported Intel will use a strategy similar to what it used when it introduced its first dualcore offerings. Intel plans to offer a multichip package that combines two of the recently released Woodcrest Xeon processors to create its first quadcore processor for servers and two of its dualcore Conroe processors which will be formally introduced next week to create a quadcore processor for desktop PCs.

Intel used two singlecore Pentium processors in a multichip package to create its first dualcore offering last year the Pentium D. Intel later in the year introduced dualcore versions of Pentium and Xeon processor that used a more conventional monolithic silicon substrate.

AMD by contrast has used a monolithic or what the company calls "native" implementation on all its dualcore processor offerings. AMD says the company will again use a monolithic design for its first quadcore offerings which are currently scheduled for midyear .

In nonx processor areas there have been multichip offerings for some time including Sun Microsystems' UltraSparc T or Niagara processor. That chip which was introduced late last year combines eight Sparc processor cores in a single chip.

Also in the fourth quarter of last year IBM introduced servers based on a quadcore Power processor.

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