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Firefox Grows To 15% Of U.S. Web Browser Market

Posted by iNext - 2006-07-12

Firefox's share of the Web browser market has surpassed % in the United States and % globally according to Web analytics company OneStat.com.

Niels Brinkman cofounder of OneStat observes that Firefox usage is growing again after a period of no growth.

Since May Mozilla Firefox has grown .% in usage globally. Microsoft Internet Explorer has had a .% decline in the past two months. IE's global market share now stands at .% according to OneStat.

Both Internet Explorer and Firefox are due for significant upgrades shortly. Internet Explorer Beta is currently available to users; starting today Mozilla Firefox . Beta Release Candidate is available at the Mozilla.org FTP site.

Although Internet Explorer maintains dominant market share around the world one exception is Germany where Firefox has almost % of the market according to OneStat.

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