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Adobe releases Flash Player 9

Posted by inet - 2006-07-01

Adobe on Wednesday announced the release of Flash Player . It&;s a free download for Mac        OS X and Windows operating systems.
Adobe claims that Flash Player runs up to times faster than before thanks to ActionScript and a new ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM) that features a Just In Time (JIT) compiler.

Also new in this release is application runtime support for Flex an Internet application development platform also released Wednesday by Adobe. Flex &; available for nonMac platforms &; lets developers build Ajaxstyle applications.

Flash Player is free; it&;s available in English and localized languages. System requirements call for Mac OS X v. or later Firefox .x Mozilla .x Netscape .x or later AOL for Mac OS X Opera Safari .x or later.

Flash Player is at least for now a PowerPC binary only that will not run natively on Intelbased Macs. Adobe said it plans to support Intelbased Macs with Flash Player after this initial release; in the interim an Intelnative &;preview release&; of version is available for download.

Adobe said that as an alternative Intelbased Mac users can run Flash Player using Safari in Rosetta. More details are available at the link above.

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