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First HD DVD recorder to make debut in Japan

Posted by iTech - 2006-06-27

After offering a lowpriced $ HD DVD player this spring Toshiba Corp. has challenged Japanese consumers with a price tag of about $ for its first recordable HD DVD product slated to hit the market in the middle of July.

Toshiba was the first company to introduce a video recorder that integrated a hard disc drive and a DVD video recorder. The HD DVD recorder dubbed RDA is similar in concept integrating an HD DVDR recorder and a terabyte hard disc recorder in one unit.

Toshiba expects to sell units in Japan within this year. "We announced RDA as a part of the future marketing strategy for HD DVD recorders overseas" said Yoshihide Fujii president and CEO of Toshiba's Digital Media Network Company.

But overseas markets differ from the situation in Japan with regard to DVD recorders he said. Recording type DVD players accounted for percent of sales in Japan last year and are projected to account for percent of sales this year according to Toshiba's estimates.

"But in the United States players account for percent and even in Europe percent is players" Fujii said. He said he believes that people in markets outside of Japan would also want to record HD content and keep it in a collection. The company plans to promote in overseas markets the virtues of first recording to hard disk and then archiving to DVD Fujii said.

"But this RDA is offered to only limited consumers in Japan as a symbolic model" he said.

As to the HD DVD player sales Toshiba's goal is to achieve sales of to units by March the end of this fiscal year. "We may revise the target upward" said Fujii. Toshiba plans to introduce a new player model before the yearend sales season to boost the sales.

Timed with the introduction of the HD DVD recorder Hitachi Maxell and Mitsubishi Chemical will market singlelayer and duallayer HD DVDR discs in July.

A single layer disc has gigabyte capacity to store an hour and minutes of video footage if recorded at a data rate of megabits per second. The dual layer disc has gigabyte capacity to record for minutes at megabits per second.

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