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IWay, AmberPoint Combine SOA Tools

Posted by iTech - 2006-06-23

IWay Software on Tuesday said it plans to combine its integration technology with AmberPoint's management software for serviceoriented architectures.
IWay owned by Information Builders said it plans to resell AmberPoint as part of its SOA Middleware Suite which provides integration among applications linked in an SOA distributed computing environment. An SOA uses XML standards and protocols in linking applications within an organization and with computer systems of partners and suppliers.

IWay's Middleware Suite includes an enterprise service bus for routing XML messages between applications and a set of adapters for ERP systems mainframes and other business software. The AmberPoint SOA Management System enables policybased management of applications at runtime. The system also provides security.

The AmberPoint technology is being bundled with iWay Service Manager which is the ESB in iWay SOA Middleware. The combined product which was unveiled at the Gartner Application Integration and Web Services Summit in San Diego would be sold by iWay Software.

In other news at the summit AmberPoint said that it had completed integration of its SOA runtime governance software with F Networks's BIGIP Application Delivery Networking products.

"BIGIP delivers real value in SOA environments through its ability to quickly process any application or Web service ensuring quick response times reliable sessions easy scalability and applicationlevel security" Calvin Rowland director of business development at F Networks said in a statement.

Advantages of the combined product include comprehensive policy enforcement with BIGIP enforcing policies for performance and availability and AmberPoint focusing on such things as service level agreements and exception management policies.

In addition companies can manage the entirety of their SOA environments with a single set of runtime governance policies rather than using individualized policies for each component type such as application servers routers and enterprise service buses.

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