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Coinstar turns loose change into iTunes songs

Posted by iNext - 2006-04-12

Self-service coin counting company Coinstar has announced an expansion of its Coin to Card program. Now your loose change can be used for iTunes Music Store songs.
Coinstar machines — popular in grocery stores, drug stores and other retail locations — let you turn your loose change into paper currency. You dump in your change, the machine counts it up and typically feeds you a paper receipt which you can redeem for cash at a nearby cashier or register.

Coinstar’s machines impose an 8.9 percent processing fee for their Coin to Cash program, but the Coin to Card program exacts no such fee — so you get the full value of your loose change.

The machine will either spit out a gift card or a paper “eCertificate” instead. The eCertificate can then be used to buy products online. In addition to iTunes Music Store, Coinstar has redemption programs established with Virgin Digital, Borders, Hollywood Video, Amazon.com and other mass-market retailers.

Participation varies, so make sure to visit the Web site to find a Coinstar machine in your area that can redeem eCertificates for use at the iTunes Music Store.

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