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Google Debuts Second Toolbar For Firefox

Posted by iTech - 2006-04-08

Google has released the second version of Google Toolbar for the Firefox operating system, which includes support for RSS feeds and new Safe Browsing tools.
Interestingly, the new toolbar doesn't have the same feature set as the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

"Meanwhile, you IE Toolbar 4 fans may notice that the feature sets aren't identical," Justin Voskuhl, a software engineer for Google, wrote in the official blog. "That's because Firefox and IE users have different needs. Rest assured that we're working to get the most popular features in both versions." The Toolbar for Firefox works in Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems, and runs in a choice of 16 different languages.

The toolbar improves search functionality with features that include previous queries, spelling corrections, and suggestions for popular choices, according to Voskuhl, and the software will automatically route "mailto:" links to a Gmail window. Anti-phishing protections have been integrated with the Safe Browsing feature, which works to identify sites that may be the source of phishing operations.

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