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Qualcomm hurls another suit at Broadcom

Posted by inet - 2006-04-01

MANHASSET, N.Y. — San Diego-based wireless technology supplier Qualcomm Inc. has filed a new complaint against broadband technology company Broadcom Corp., intensifying the heated legal dispute between the companies.

The complaint, filed in federal court in San Diego, charges Broadcom (Irvine, Calif.) with misappropriating trade secrets relating to Qualcomm’s development and marketing of WCDMA baseband integrated circuit products and the multimedia capabilities of such products. It alleges that Broadcom has used the misappropriated trade secrets to compete unfairly with Qualcomm for the sale of WCDMA chipsets.

The complaint also accuses Broadcom of infringing Qualcomm of violating U.S. patent number 6,717,908 through its manufacture and sale of WCDMA and wireless local area network chipsets. The complaint seeks an injunction prohibiting Broadcom's continued use of Qualcomm IP and monetary damages.

Broadcom and Qualcomm have been firing legal actions and accusations against one another for almost a year. Broadcom fired the first round by suing Qualcomm in May 2005, alleging Qualcomm infringed ten wireless technology patents. Broadcom filed an antitrust suit against Qualcomm two months later.

Between the suits, the U.S. International Commission opened an investigation in June 2005 as to whether Qualcomm engaged in unfair trade practices by importing chips containing IP alleged to infringe Broadcom’s patents.

After the second Broadcom suit, Qualcomm responded by saying Broadcom's suit has no merit. Qualcomm then sued Broadcom claiming the company infringed at least seven of its CDMA patents.

The first trial in the Broadcom vs. Qualcomm case is slated to occur in Jan. 2007.

Both companies have a long history of legal tussles with rival wireless technology and semiconductor companies.

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