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Simucad intros 'multicore-optimized' parasitic modeling tools

Posted by iTech - 2006-03-31

SAN FRANCISCO — Privately held EDA vendor Simucad Design Automation Inc. Thursday (March 30) announced the availability of a multicore-optimized family of three-dimensional TCAD-based interconnect parasitic modeling tools.

According to Simucad (Santa Clara, Calif.), the new tools are optimized for the specific requirements of characterizing the capacitance, resistance, and/or inductance of multilevel interconnect systems, inductor libraries and complete circuits in the form of cells and cores.

The tools — Exact Interconnect Parasitic Characterization, Quest High Frequency Parasitic Extractor, Clever Physics-Based Parasitic Extractor and Stellar Core Parasitic Extractor — are available for download at Simucad's Web site. Prices for the tools start at $40,000, and Simucad is offering professional services to integrate the tools into customer-specific design flows.

"Accuracy is the most critical aspect for parasitic extraction," said Ivan Pesic, Simucad CE, in a statement. "We build realistic 3D structures and apply full 3D solvers to extract the parasitics from the actual silicon geometries that are on the wafer — not what is drawn in GDSII."

Compute-intensive 3D parasitic extraction can now be completed in a reasonable time using parallelized software optimized to run on inexpensive multicore computers, Simucad said. The company added that it has partitioned the basic extraction algorithms to achieve maximum parallelization to take full advantage of multicore architectures under the Linux, Solaris, and Windows operating systems.

The technology-independent family of parasitic extractors share a common GUI interface, Simucad said.

Simucad, which completed spin out from Silvaco late last year, is targeting an initial public offering for later in 2006.

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