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CA Introduces New Systems-Management Platform

Posted by iMark - 2006-03-23

I.T. systems specialist CA today launched CA Desktop and Server Management 11, a scalable software platform designed to make it easier for customers to maintain control over their servers and desktop computers.
In particular, the platform is designed to help organizations cope with a constant stream of critical OS updates and application patches, multiple hardware platforms, nonstop PC replacement cycles, and evolving security threats.

"The idea is to make desktop management less complex by providing a single database for handling system maintenance, migration, and patch-update tasks," said Allan Andersen, director of product management in CA's Business Service Optimization unit.

Keep It Simple

With the constant stream of software patches emanating from Microsoft and others, said Anderson, many organizations struggle to keep up with upgrades.

Andersen explained that the new platform can help I.T. environments become more standardized, which industry analysts have said is critical for effectively dealing with security risks in mixed operating-system environments.

"Many times the patches depend on previous updates, or are superseded by new upgrades, which can make it difficult to keep desktop machines up and running," Andersen noted.

"We are offering a process-oriented management platform, which becomes part of the workflow, so that companies are not constantly putting out fires," he said.

Management Database

The platform includes several new tools. Among these are CA Desktop Management Suite for Windows and Unicenter Patch Management. The former offers backup capabilities for keeping tabs on PCs throughout their life cycle, with automated software-distribution capabilities, data-protection tools, and remote-management features.

The Unicenter Patch Management tool, meanwhile, is a software-patch module that works with the CA Desktop and Server Management 11 platform. Unicenter Patch Management is backed by a research team that monitors, validates, and distributes all relevant patch information through the software.

The CA Desktop and Server Management platform uses one database to ensure that all areas of the business are making decisions that are based on the same set of data, said Anderson. "This simplifies operations and enables organizations to improve service levels and conform to best practices."

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