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USA.NET Launches Encrypted E-mail Service

Posted by iTech - 2006-03-20

Hosted messaging service provider USA.NET, Denver, said it is now offering its subscribers the ability to encrypt and digitally sign all outgoing messages by simply clicking a button in their existing e-mail application.

USA.NET encrypted emailSM is aimed at small- and medium-size businesses as a way to ensure the confidentiality of all outgoing e-mail, be it highly sensitive business data or regulatory data subject to mandated security.

The encryption feature works with Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express clients and is installed via a downloaded plug-in. The company said non-subscribers running any e-mail client can receive and decrypt messages without downloading any software or registering for the service.

USA.NET encrypted emailSM was developed by Echoworx using industry standard PKI, X.509 and S/MIME). The software verifies and authenticates that the message has not been altered, allows the message to be opened only by the intended recipient, and allows users to lock incoming e-mail so others are unable to view it.

The USA.NET encrypted emailSM service is part of USA.NET's Enhanced Messaging Services Suite, and is now available nationwide.

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