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DS2 of Spain cuts BPL deal with Netgear

Posted by iTech - 2006-03-16

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — DS2 SA (Design of Systems on Silicon SA), an early proponent of broadband-over-powerline chips, has scored a key design win with Netgear Inc.

Netgear will implement DS2's 200-Mbit/second Powerline HD technology currently deployed in a variety of home network products such as Netgear’s Storage Central home storage server.

While DS2 (Paterna, Spain) has worked with large companies such as Samsung on digital home networking applications, Netgear’s presence in retail markets could reshape DS2’s business. Chano Gomez, DS2's vice president of technology and strategic partnerships, said the company may see a 50-50 breakdown between broadband Internet access and home networking designs.

Netgear will work with DS2 on solutions using power lines to distributed centralized Internet access, as well as IPTV and gaming applications in the home. In theory, powerline home networking will competer against Wi-Fi, FireWire and UWB solutions, though Gomez said "We don’t have a competing technology capable of meeting 200-Mbit/s speeds today.”

Netgear anticipates products with DS2 chips to be offered in retail and reseller channels by the second quarter of 2006.

Gomez predicted that as residential gateways become more complex, systems may have a mix of powerline, Wi-Fi and DSL ports. Corinex Communications (Vancouver, B.C.), for example, is showing a residential gateway at the CeBIT show in Germany that combines Texas Instruments Inc.’s ADSL2+/WirelessG++ chip set with DS2’s HD powerline chips.

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