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Raritan Introduces Management Appliance For SMBs

Posted by inet - 2006-03-07

Raritan announced this week CommandCenter NOC (CC-NOC), a management appliance that monitors, notifies, and reports on key aspects of an organization's IT health.

Featuring a dashboard that is accessed through an Internet browser, the CC-NOC appliance delivers information on network and systems performance, hardware and software assets, as well as security vulnerabilities. The appliance integrates IT monitoring and management capabilities with remote access to IT equipment through Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) and serial-over-IP solutions. This allows organizations to pinpoint potential problems and fix them quickly and cost-effectively. For example, when CC-NOC sends an alert notification it includes a link to the problem device; this link can then be used by a KVM or serial-over-IP solution to facilitate reports of the target equipment from anywhere.

CC-NOC is available in three models, from a version designed for companies with less than 100 employees to a version targeted at organizations with up to 2,500 employees. The appliances start at $5,995 and are available immediately. For further information, go to www.raritan.com/about_ccnoc.

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