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NEC touts signal-reshaping chip for 40 Gbit networks

Posted by iMark - 2006-03-06

LONDON — NEC Corporation has developed a signal-reshaping chip that it plans to deploy in a 40 Gbit/s wavelength division multiplexing transmission system it is readying.

The company will outline details of the device at next week’s Optical Fibre Communications (OFC) conference in Anaheim, California.

NEC researchers say the LSI could double the maximum length of error-free 40 Gbit/s WDM long-haul transmission compared with conventional systems, due to its ability to compensate for signal distortion resulting from optical fibre impairments.

The device can compensate for signal distortion caused by polarization mode dispersion. PMD tends to be more critical in older generation fibre, and as a result, the chip could speed the commercialization of 40 Gigabit transmission on existing 10 Gbit/s based networks.

The part is also expected to contribute to a size reduction in WDM system hardware.

The device uses the latest InP processing technology and incorporates novel signal reshaping capability designed to cope with the complex signal distortion caused by PMD. The differential group delay (DGD) achieved from a prototype of the device was measured at just 22 pico seconds, significantly lower than has been achieved on previous devices of this type, say the researchers.

DGD is the time separation between two polarization states of the transmission links at the receiver. It is often used as an indicator of the degree of signal distortion caused by PMD.

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