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Oracle Introduces Enterprise-Grade Search Tool

Posted by inet - 2006-03-04

Oracle has unveiled an enterprise-grade search engine that promises not only to track business information, but also to deliver search results according to employee roles.

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g uses metadata to enhance the relevance of search-query results while operating within corporate-security guidelines. Results can be obtained from sources ranging from databases and file systems to e-mail and enterprise applications.

The application can index and search public, private, and shared content across internal and external Web sites, databases, file servers, document repositories, and content-management systems.

Meeting Business Expectations

The search engine, which can be accessed through a Web-based interface, lets users perform traditional keyword searches that provide results in a format similar to what is generated by conventional desktop-search tools.

It can be configured to allow users to see only those results for information they are authorized to access.

"People are used to getting fast, relevant results with desktop searches, and that expectation has been brought to the enterprise," said Greg Crider, Oracle's senior director for technology marketing. "But businesses also face pressure to improve data security and protect their intellectual property."

Enterprise Search 10g understands an individual user's roll in the organization, Crider noted, performing separate searches for workers in different departments that make similar search queries.

Getting Smarter

Analysts have said that the need for enterprise search is acute as business environments become increasingly digital and complex. As more data is created, companies need effective ways to search through the mountains of data to find relevant information.

Traditional keyword searches don't work as well as more advanced data-sifting tactics when dealing with multiple applications, files, and databases.

Such advanced search capabilities are provided by other companies, including Google with its Desktop for Enterprise application that creates an index of all information on a hard drive and a corporate network.

IBM, which offers a corporate-search product called OmniFind, recently partnered with Google to integrate their technologies to give corporate customers more power in mining their databases, documents, and e-mail.

Crider contends that the Oracle search engine has an edge over these competing technologies in that it addresses the complexity of corporate I.T. systems and because it does not require a complicated rollout. With Oracle, there is no long-term consulting relationship required, as there might be with alternative offerings, he added.

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g is scheduled for release at the end of May. The cost per server CPU will be $30,000, or customers can purchase per-user licenses for $60 each.

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