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Aladdin readies security devices

Posted by iMark - 2006-02-21

TEL AVIV, Israel — Aladdin Knowledge Systems, the USB-based authentication provider will release a Flash version of Aladdin’s eToken system in April.

The eToken NG-FLASH combines strong authentication with a mass-storage drive for retaining encrypted data and personal information needed to access that data on the token. It will be initially introduced in three sizes: 128 and 512 MBytes and 1 Gbyte.

Aladdin also announced that it will introduce as early as 2007 a new biometric technology that provides authentication using an electronic biosignature unique to each individual. The technology is being backed by IDesia, an Israeli-based biometrics startup.

Unlike other biometric technologies that use fingerprints, pictures or static biosignals to identify a person, BioDynamic Signature technology is based on human electrobiometric dynamic signals acquired by touching a small conductive surface. The signature is based on human electronic signals, including from the heart.

Aladdin also announced an OEM agreement with RSA Security Inc. that will enable RSA to release its new SecurID authenticator incorporating eToken USB technology based on a standard Javacard.

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