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Google Partners with BearingPoint on Corporate Search

Posted by iTech - 2006-02-18

Google is looking to beef up its corporate-search presence by inking a partnership with global management and consulting firm BearingPoint.
As part of the deal, BearingPoint will launch a search-solutions service that will emphasize bringing Google's search technology to complex enterprise environments. The consulting firm will give Google's enterprise customers the opportunity to customize their search technology for specific business needs.

The strategy could be especially appealing to industries such as pharmaceuticals, banking, brokerage, high-tech, and aerospace, the companies have noted.

"We are enthusiastic about providing the marketplace with our new suite of solutions for Google's search products and see a tremendous opportunity to address a significant and growing sector," said Harry You, BearingPoint chief executive, in a statement.

Boom Time

The push to gain dominance in the enterprise-search marketplace has turned into a heated battle among technology companies. Duking it out most prominently with Google is Microsoft, which last year launched a version of its desktop-search platform for enterprise environments.

Partnerships also are abundant in the sector. Last October, for example, IBM announced it was developing a plug-in for Google's enterprise-search appliance.

The enterprise-search market is being driven by increasing demand, noted IDC analyst Sue Feldman. As enterprises wrestle with information overload, it has become crucial that their desktop-search tools can sort through complex information using more than just keywords.

"As enterprise environments become more reliant on different types of information, search companies have to keep innovating to keep up," said Feldman. "That means looking at what enterprises need and doing continual development based on that."

The result is a burgeoning market, according to Google, which noted that its enterprise business more than doubled in 2005. The company also has stated that it expects continued growth into 2006.

Different Audience

Unlike desktop-search tools for consumers, enterprise-search applications must be able to access and index multiple types of data on company intranets to ferret out information.

With the new Google partnership, BearingPoint hopes to boost collaboration in the enterprise and reduce redundant work.

The company will offer proprietary technology plug-ins, customized search software, and integration services specifically geared toward expanding the capabilities of the Google search appliance.

The companies also plan to address the issues of security and access control. BearingPoint will leverage Google's native support for basic authentication to create customized security controls, the company noted.

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