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Russian "Sleeper Bugs" Empty French Accounts

Posted by iMark - 2006-02-12

Russian scammers have pillaged more than a million euros ($1.19 million) from French bank accounts in the last 11 months, news reports from the U.K. claimed Wednesday.

According to the "Guardian," a gang of Russian and Ukrainian hackers planted keylogging Trojans on French consumers' computers via infected e-mail or malicious Web sites. The keyloggers -- dubbed "sleeper bugs" by the newspaper -- only activated when users logged in to the bank accounts, at which point usernames and passwords were captured and transmitted.

A dozen Russians and Ukrainians have been arrested in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the paper continued.

French authorities told the Guardian that one victim's account was emptied of 40,000 euros ($47,700) "within minutes."

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