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Privacy Networks Launches Integrated E-mail Management Platform

Posted by iNext - 2006-02-09

Privacy Networks took the wraps off a new integrated e-mail management platform designed to replace multiple point solutions with a single system that combines spam and virus protection with e-mail archiving capabilities.

Privacy Networks’ Email Integrity Suite (EIS) is an integrated suite of tools developed in house and designed to manage all aspects of enterprise e-mail security and management requirements, for both the SMB market and e-mail service providers.

The company has secured industry partners, including Hewlett-Packard, and a growing list of both enterprise and managed service provider customers, according to Privacy Networks' president and CEO Steve Berens. The EIS can be configured in an appliance device, as a hosted system or as standalone software, he said.

“We built everything ourselves so we can truly integrate the applications," Berens said. "For instance, we can integrate any existing antivirus package into the environment. We've architected an integrated system for managing both traditional e-mail security issues, like spam and anti-virus, simultaneously with advanced, searchable indexing and archiving e-mail management. And it's all under one interface console.”

An integrated system for both e-mail defense and archiving means that all messages can be managed so that all proprietary and confidential information and intellectual property is automatically validated, secured, compressed, indexed and stored for security, decision support, auditing and regulatory or legal compliance.

The EIS includes several modules:

PrivacyPost – ensures that incoming email is not spam, phishing or spyware, and is free of viruses and worms.

PrivacyMobile – delivers email, only from sources that the individual user has specified, to mobile devices free of spam and viruses. It supports virtually all mobile devices including cell phones, pagers, PDAs and BlackBerries.

PrivacyLock – automatically encrypts and decrypts messages to protect communication of sensitive information without any human intervention.
PrivacyVault – is the first email integrity module that automatically indexes, compresses and files email for later automatic retrieval. Stored messages are readily available for recall using an Internet search interface.

The Privacy Networks (EIS) suite of email security and archiving software is available as standalone software starting at $5,000, or as a hosted service based on the number of users.

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