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Sun Tossing New Darts At Dell

Posted by iTech - 2005-10-12

When Sun Microsystems finds a target, it can wind up throwing darts at that same target day after day for years. Just ask Microsoft.

Now Sun sees a bullseye in Round Rock, Texas and is firing away at Dell. This morning, Sun is publishing an open letter to Dell customers, according to Jonathan Schwartz' blog, and is trying to hit where it hurts. The letter, to appear in newspaper advertisements, says:

...Sun just unveiled a set of servers that effectively show Dell keeping only one promise: to sell things cheaply. And by prioritizing their own cost model over yours, Dell has clearly left you at risk in the market..

(Custom system and white box builders have actually been making this argument for years, and have maintained a steady and good share of the market in the process.)

Sun is also offering up a video parody of Intel-based Dell servers to further make its point.

So far, Dell has chosen not to engage Sun publicly and is, instead, spending its marketing dollars and efforts elsewhere.

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