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iWay steps gently into ESB

Posted by inet - 2006-02-08

iWay software is the Belkin of application adapters, those pieces of software that hook enterprise apps to middleware from the likes of BEA, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sonic, and Sun.  As of today, iWay is joining the ranks of all those companies (Microsoft excepted) and announcing and shipping its own ESB, iWay Service Manager.
Jake Freivald, vice president of product marketing for iWay, says that the catch-all ESB moniker has evolved to mean middleware that offers transformations, intelligent message routing, distributed architecture, message transport, and support for standards.

With its deep experience in adapters, iWay realized it already had these technology elements and decided to jump in the ESB game.

Also shipping today is iWay Trading Manager, a b-2-b product that runs on top of Service Manager and enables selective, secure access to ESB components by authorized trading partners. In addition, iWay Enterprise Index, designed to be used in conjunction with Google’s search appliance, exploits the transformative capabilities of the ESB to make information in proprietary formats searchable.

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