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i-SAFE and Microsoft Bring Net Safety to Schools and Parents

Posted by iNext - 2006-02-07

i-SAFE America Inc., a nonprofit Internet safety foundation, and Microsoft Corp. today announced they have teamed up to create i-LEARN Online, an on-demand system for Internet safety education. i-LEARN Online enables teachers and students to learn about how to increase Internet safety and security through any computer with Internet access.

“A survey by our National Assessment Center revealed that more than half of parents feel their ability to monitor and shelter their children from inappropriate material is limited,” said Teri Schroeder, founder and CEO of i-SAFE. “We created i-LEARN Online to educate and empower people — so educators and parents can help protect their students, and students can help protect themselves and their peers with only the click of their mouse.”

The i-LEARN Online program gives adults and kids access to i-SAFE’s free Internet safety lessons. No longer available solely in a classroom environment, i-LEARN Online provides teachers and parents with tools to educate others about safe and responsible use of the Internet. The program is composed of six online education video modules, which address personal safety, cyber-community issues, cyber-predator identification, cyber-security, intellectual property and community outreach. Each module is designed to educate the user to effectively combat cyber-crime.

“Technology brings benefits to millions of people around the world; however, it can also present new safety challenges so we need to equip our children to navigate the online world more safely and securely,” said Mike Nash, corporate vice president of the Security Technology Unit at Microsoft. “Microsoft is excited to support i-SAFE and bring online safety education to teachers to help educate our children to better protect themselves online.”

Included as part of the i-LEARN Online program is the i-MENTOR Training Network. These modules help empower students to take their knowledge of Internet safety into the real world to educate friends, peers and family and community members. After viewing all modules, students become certified i-MENTORS, capable of addressing issues such as cyber-predators, cyber-bullying and cyber-security. The i-LEARN Online program is available at http://ilearn.isafe.org.

i-SAFE has educated more than 1 million students around the world. And i-SAFE is one of the first organizations to use streaming training videos to certify adults and kids in Internet safety.

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