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Proforma Updates Business Process Tool

Posted by inet - 2005-10-12

Enterprise modeling software and services firm Proforma has announced the latest release of its ProVision suite, targeted at bringing business and I.T. together to model, analyze, and improve strategy, processes, systems, and technology.
ProVision 5.0 is the largest release the company has ever done, according to Douglas Emig, Proforma business development manager. After 18 months in development, the suite has brought several new enterprise architecture components to link into its business-process management (BPM) capability.

"We've always been a BPM vendor, but with 5.0 we've expanded and consolidated enterprise architecture, because we've seen that companies deal with a lot more than just processes," said Emig.

New Capabilities

In addition to providing BPM features, ProVision 5.0 incorporates data and information modeling with application and technology modeling.

According to Proforma, the new version of the tool also targets five key areas: extended strategic planning support, strengthened technical architecture capabilities, increased capabilities for     Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) users, enhanced visibility, and additional flexibility.

The tool illustrates how BPM is moving away from being a standalone component in a company's arsenal, and is becoming more of a piece among many that can be used to align I.T. and business operations.

"To move to the next step, organizations need to fully understand their strategy, processes, and systems," said Jerry Huchzermeier, Proforma chief technical officer. "They need not only top-level information but also the intricacies of the underlying data and business logic."

Impact Analysis

Although ProVision 5.0 has several parts, in general it is valuable for assessing at least one larger question that every company has to ask, said Emig: What is the business impact to each decision or potential direction?

"That's the holy grail, to understand how everything is interrelated," Emig noted. "And, from there, to see how every technical asset or process affects the company."

Even the largest companies are struggling with making sure they are not bested in the world economy, he added. They need tools like the ProVision 5.0 to understand what they do, how they do it, and who is responsible, among other questions.

"You have to see the bigger picture," said Emig. "And for that, you need sophisticated tools."

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