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Asia Is World's Fastest Growing Broadband Market: Report

Posted by iMark - 2006-01-14

Asia is the world's fastest growing regional broadband market, with carriers in five countries aggressively deploying fiber to the home and neighborhood (FTTX) infrastructures, according to new research from In-Stat.

In China, Japan and South Korea, in particular, carriers are finding that fiber to the home and neighborhood is an efficient and cost-effective way to introduce consumer broadband to support advanced services. These include voice over IP and Internet television (IPTV), with online gaming and video-on-demand seen as potent drivers in Korea..

According to In-Stat, the rapidly-growing broadband markets in China and Australia specifically offer huge growth potential for equipment and service players interested in establishing a foothold in Asia-Pacific.

"Foreign investors may not need to build up networks or provide services on their own," In-Stat analyst Victor Liu said in a statement. "Instead, content developers and value-added services providers may have better revenue prospects if they work closely with broadband service providers who lead the adoption of FTTX in those markets."

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