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Imation ramps up optical disk media

Posted by inet - 2006-01-14

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Removable data storage media supplier Imation Corp has begun to scale-up manufacturing of HD DVD and Blu-ray optical recordable media for product introduction in early 2006.

The company invested more than $10 million in research, development and modular manufacturing capabilities to deliver the newest high-capacity optical formats to customers.

Imation will use a proprietary reverse mastering and inverted stamping process to produce optical media with track pitches less than 425 nanometers. The company also uses advanced photopolymer nano-replication for stamper production, the next manufacturing stage for optical disks.

The company uses thin-film information storage layers in its rewritable disks, comprising a mixture of germanium, antimony and tellurium to deliver low jitter and excellent data retention.

Imation (Oakdale, Minn.) plans to launch the BD-RE (rewritable) and BDR (recordable) 25-gigabyte single layer and 50-gigabyte double layer Blu-ray formats. Also in 2006, Imation plans to launch the HD DVD-R (recordable) and HD DVD-RW (rewritable) 15-gigabyte single layer and 30-gigabyte double layer HD DVD formats.

Select formats will be available starting the first half of 2006, based on drive and recorder availability.

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