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Apple introduces first Intel-based computers

Posted by iMark - 2006-01-12

Apple Computer Inc. said on Tuesday that it had introduced new computers based on Intel chips, the first to result from its move to switch from IBM PowerPC chips it had used for years.
Apple Co-Founder and Chief Executive Steve Jobs told the annual Macworld trade show here that the company's new line of iMac computers would come in the same shape and sizes as the existing G5 line of iMacs, with starting prices at $1,299.

"The new iMac is two to three times faster than the iMac G5," Jobs said in a speech introducing a range of new products.

The new Apple iMacs are based on Intel Core Duo microchips and are set to begin shipping on Tuesday, the company said.

Apple also unveiled a remote control with FM radio capabilities for its iPod music player.

The iPod Radio Remote enables users to skip tracks and adjust the volume of their iPod even when it's in a pocket or backpack and listen to FM radio stations while displaying station and song information on their iPod screen.

Apple also debuted an updated version of its photo and media software, iLife '06, which is priced at $79.

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