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Microsoft plans two more critical patches

Posted by inet - 2006-01-10

Microsoft may have released the Windows Metafile hot fix, but it has other patches still to come on Tuesday, the Redmond, Washington-based developer said last week.

In the monthly pre-patch notification it puts out five days prior to releasing fixes, Microsoft warned users that two security bulletins, both tagged as "Critical", will be issued 10 January. In Microsoft's terminology, Critical means that a vulnerability can be remotely exploited. The just-fixed WMF bug, for instance, was also dubbed "Critical".

Last month Microsoft released two bulletins, while the month before saw only one.

One of the two bulletins will involve Windows — which version(s) Microsoft didn't elaborate, as is its custom — and the other will affect Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange, the company's business suite and email server software, respectively. Other details are withheld by Microsoft, which offers the advance notification only to give customers a general idea of the patch load they will face.

Multiple non-security, high-priority updates will also be released Tuesday, as will an updated Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.

As is usual, Microsoft will host a follow-up webcast, 11 January, to answer questions about the fixes.

More details can be found in the advance notice posted on Microsoft's website.

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