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Video codec startup claims iPod first

Posted by inet - 2006-01-01

SAN FRANCISCO — Claiming an industry first, low-power codec IC startup Mobilygen Inc. said Thursday (Dec. 29) that its MG1264 chip supports real-time, high-quality H.264/ACC video capture compatible with Apple Computer's video iPod.

According to Mobilygen (Santa Clara, Calif.), the MG1264 is the industry’s first chip enabling manufacturers to easily add H.264 video recording capabilities compatible with video-enabled iPods, as well as PCs and Macs. The MG1264 requires only 125 milliwatts of total chip power, the company said.

“Consumers want simple and easy personalization of their video content,” said Steve Musallam, vice president of product marketing at Mobilygen, in a statement. “Our MG1264 provides superior hardware-based H.264/AAC encoding quality and an inexpensive solution to building low-power devices that capture in real-time 30-frames-per-second TV-quality video for new mobile products like the video iPod."

Mobilygen said the MG1264's patented architecture is dedicated to low-power video processing. It includes an advanced video pre-processor that improves H.264 encoder efficiency, and patented low-power H.264 video coding algorithms developed specifically to maximize video quality, the company said.

The MG1264 is fully qualified and available in production volumes now, Mobilygen said, with pricing starting at less than $10 per unit in production volumes.

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