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Mobile Phone Exec's Communications Cloned By Terrorists

Posted by iMark - 2005-12-23

Terrorists reportedly have found a way to scam mobile phone companies by exploiting wireless phone vulnerabilities, some news reports say.

They cloned the mobile phone of a top mobile phone executive, along with some of his company's customers, and made thousands of dollars worth of international calls, according to Canadian news reports.

The scam was discovered by a customer who was upset after being told she would have to pay more than $12,000 for calls to Pakistan, Libya and Syria, according to the Globe and Mail. Susan Drummond told reporters she incurred those charges for calls made after her phone had been stolen. target=_blank >Rogers Wireless later unwittingly revealed to her partner, during a business conference that a group linked to Hezbollah had cloned the phones of the company's executives.

A Rogers security manager said the tactic was effective, because everyone was afraid to cut off President and CEO Ted Rogers' mobile communications.

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