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BellSouth To Deliver TV Two Ways

Posted by iNext - 2005-12-08

BellSouth will offer a package of voice, data, and television services in a partnership with TV programming provider PDI-SAT, the former regional Bell operating company (RBOC) announced Wednesday. And, at an investors' conference, BellSouth's CEO said the company will experiment with television transmitted over the Internet.

The combo voice-data-TV package will be offered to residential multi-dwelling subscribers in BellSouth's service territory.

"BellSouth's comprehensive portfolio of voice and data products, coupled with PDI-SAT's ability to offer customers digital-quality, multi-channel TV programming from DIRECTV, will provide the multi-dwelling unit market with a dependable source for the services that meet their needs," said Phil Jacobs, president of community technologies for BellSouth, in a statement.

The joint offering calls for an offering of customized bundles specifically designed for the multi-dwelling unit market.

The Wednesday announcement follows by a day a talk given by BellSouth's president and chief operating officer, Mark Fiedler, who said the company plans to test Internet-based television service beginning this summer.

The RBOCs have been struggling with massive change in telecommunications markets as cable and cell phone providers poach on their turf. Verizon Communications and AT&T (formerly SBC Communications) are installing fiber to deliver television, but BellSouth appears to be testing different approaches for delivering television services.

BellSouth is also offering wide-area WiMAX service in Georgia and the Gulf States as a way to deliver high-speed content.

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