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Plumtree Software to launch G6 portal architecture

Posted by iTech - 2005-10-10

With its $200 million sale to BEA systems still in the works, Plumtree Software is continuing to churn out new products and features. The portal vendor this week will unveil new features and a new name for its portal software architecture, formerly known as the Plumtree Corporate Portal. Now dubbed Plumtree Foundation, the G6 version of the portal architecture features support for six OSes -- including     Linux and AIX -- enhanced developer tools, and a new Experience Definition function for creating separate user experiences within the same portal. Plumtree also released a BPM (business process management) engine called Plumtree Process and e-mail integration in the Plumtree Collaboration server.
Plumtree Foundation G6, Plumtree Software

Borland bolsters Delphi

Borland Software this week will announce Borland Developer Studio, a developer environment that includes the latest versions of the company's Delphi, C++Builder, and C#Builder tools. Designed for developing Windows applications, the platform features links to Borland's CalibreRM requirements management software. Borland Developer Studio will ship late this year in multiple versions tailored to specific application needs.
Borland Developer Studio, Borland Software

iLumintargets file-server storage

iLumin Software Services has rolled out AFSM (Assentor File System Manager), a new ILM (information lifecycle management) module for file-server storage. AFSM classifies files based on frequency of access, file type, and other criteria. Based on predefined classification values such as age, file type, and size, AFSM automatically stores or copies files to the appropriate storage media. Reporting tools that analyze storage utilization are also included.
Assentor File System Manager, iLumin Software Services

Quest seeks app dev assurance

Quest Software has released its Application Assurance Suite for Java and Portals, designed for measuring and analyzing applications during development. The suite allows developers to correlate end-user transactions to performance impacts on Java applications and portals. New features include portal diagnosis tools, memory-performance analysis, automated performance blueprinting, and automatic application mapping, which reveals the interdependencies of components. Pricing starts at $7,000 per CPU.
Application Assurance Suite for Java and Portals, Quest Software

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