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Fox Exec Gives Edge To Sony's Blue-Ray

Posted by iNext - 2005-12-04

The Blue-ray high definition DVD standard has received an endorsement from the co-chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment, who said that the Sony-led consortium is receiving widespread support from Hollywood interests.

The Blue-ray group is locked in a standards struggle with the competing HD DVD format, which is led by Toshiba.

Speaking at the Reuters Media and Advertising Summit Thursday, Fox executive James Gianopulos said the high number of firms supporting the Blue-ray approach and the level of content committed to the standard appear to give it a lead over HD DVD.

The two competing standards for next-generation DVDs have been engaged in a see-saw struggle with momentum frequently changing sides in the past several months. A year ago several major movie studios backed the Toshiba-led effort. The two sides have attempted to iron out their differences, but to date their talks haven’t gone anywhere.

In January, Hewlett-Packard and Matsushita announced an agreement to work together in supporting DVD formats.

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