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Philips offers chips, designs for LCD television

Posted by iNext - 2005-11-30

LONDON — Philips Semiconductors has introduced two Nexperia semiconductor platforms for televisions with liquid crystal displays.

The TV810 reference design an integrated analog/digital hybrid system suitable for global analog and digital broadcast TV sets with matrix displays including LCD, plasma, moving-mirror and liquid-crystal on silicon (LCOS) displays, Philips said.

The PNX5050 offers high-definition resolution and integrate motion compensated de-interlacing with “movie judder”’ cancellation.

Philips’ judder cancellation technology increases the clarity of fast-moving high-definition images, especially film material originating from 24 frames per second, by estimating the motion of moving images and updating the data with interpolated information. The PNX5050, also offers Picture in Picture technology, JPEG browsing and MP3 processing, Philips said. The TV810 is associated with the Nexperia PNX1500 media processor which combines media processing, network connectivity and display enhancement, Philips said. Nexperia PNX5050 chips costs less than $20 each while the TV810 reference design is priced at $63 per unit, with availability due to begin in 2006, Philips said.

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