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Xbox 360 Users Find Novel Workarounds For Early Glitches

Posted by iMark - 2005-11-29

Early users of Microsoft's Xbox 360 are coming up with innovative ways to fix some of the first reported glitches plaguing the new videogame console. One of the fixes involves dangling the unit's power supply in midair with string.
Within days of the Xbox 360's launch a week ago, users began reporting intermittent crashes, screen freezing, and display artifacting.

One gamer, identified only as "Goldeneyemaster," wrote on the Gamespot message forum Wednesday that he had stopped the crashes by suspending the brick-like power supply with string to keep it off the ground. Later, he posted photos showing how he did away with the string by setting the power unit on the edges of an opened box.

"It seems like most 360s are freezing due to overheating," wrote Goldeneyemaster. "My Xbox 360 was freezing every 20 minutes. When I put the power supply unit on this box I left the console on for 7 hours without crashing."

Other 360 owners joined in, saying that once they cooled down overheated power units -- by using fans or in one case, a half-filled bottle of frozen water -- their consoles stopped crashing.

Even so, some buyers weren't happy. "How did this get by Microsoft?" one asked on the Gamespot board.

Another user, writing on the Xbox-scene.com message board, was even harsher. "MS are idiots......the fact that we have to even come up with solutions for an overheating power supply is ridiculous."

Microsoft faced power supply problems with the earlier Xbox in February, when it recalled the power cords on more than 14 million consoles because they posed a fire hazard. Prior to that, 30 Xbox-caused fires resulted in either minor injuries or property damage.

At posting time, Microsoft had not returned a call seeking comment.

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