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STATS ChipPAC offers copper process for passives

Posted by iMark - 2005-11-23

Singaporean test and packaging service provider STATS ChipPAC Ltd. has qualified a copper process for integrated passive devices (IPD) that the company claims delivers superior performance and miniaturization in radio frequency (RF) wireless systems.

Responding to market pressure to optimize size, performance and cost of wireless devices STATS ChipPAC said it can fabricate smaller, thinner and higher-performing IPDs by integrating and fabricating passive devices at the silicon wafer level.

To further maximize the performance potential of IPDs, STATS ChipPAC said it has implemented copper metallization to achieve superior performance in terms of insertion loss and miniaturization. The company claims its process is capable of depositing 8 microns or more of copper on a silicon wafer. This reduces the loss in the RF signal transmission path, thereby increasing battery performance of the wireless system or improving reception. In addition, the size of matching circuitry and filters are significantly reduced, according to the company.

"Integrated passive devices are a cost-effective way to reduce footprint, reduce interconnection complexity and improve component tolerance, yield and reliability," said Han Byung Joon, chief technology officer of STATS ChipPAC, in a statement. "By moving to a copper film process, we have increased the performance level of IPDs and are able to produce higher Q components."

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