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Archive of Wireless Mobile :  July,2006

2006-07-28 - Microsoft: Windows mobile taking share from Blackberry  By: iTech Microsoft Corp. said on Thursday that mobile smartphones and devices running its Windows mobile operating system are gai ...

2006-07-27 - Nokia\'s New Nseries Cell Phones Focus on Video  By: iTech

Nokia continues to push the envelope with highend multifunctional handhelds introducing two new Nseries phone ...

2006-07-26 - Garfield, Ninja Turtles Streaming Soon To Mobile Phones  By: inet

Comic book fans will soon have many more choices on where to find media for mobile phones. Sprint on Thursday ...

2006-07-24 - Skype Offers New Wireless Phones  By: inet

Skype the voiceoverInternet company is now directly offering mobile phones to go with its free Internet calli ...

2006-07-23 - Home VoIP Growing; Vonage Leading Pack  By: inet

Home VoIP subscribers continue to adopt Internet phoning at a rapid rate growing from . million households in ...

2006-07-21 - Skype Announces Four VoIP Over Wi-Fi Phones  By: iTech

Skype today announced four WiFi phones that will let Skype users make free Skype calls using any WiFi network ...

2006-07-19 - Foundry Networks Makes a Power-over-Ethernet Grab  By: inet

Foundry Networks on July will try to raise the bar on voiceoverIPready network switches when it debuts its t ...

2006-07-17 - Revolutionary New Chip Arrives  By: iTech

In a breakthrough that could someday supercharge the creation of new mobile devices a Motorolaspinoff company ...

2006-07-15 - Cell Phones Join Emergency Broadcast Network  By: iTech

If you feel out of touch with the all the emergency alerts issued by the government get ready to join the loo ...

2006-07-15 - EU acts to slash sky-high mobile roaming charges  By: inet

The European Commission unveiled plans to slash skyhigh costs for making mobile phone calls abroad defying fi ...

2006-07-08 - Intel\'s $600 Million Clearwire Investment Shows Its WiMax Commitment  By: iMark

Intel has made another huge investment in the nextgeneration wireless technology WiMax. Intel Capital the chi ...

2006-07-06 - South Korea, Japan At The Head Of The Internet Pack  By: iNext

South Korea and Japan top the rankings for use of information and communication technologies (ICT) such as th ...

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