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Archive of Wireless Mobile :  February,2006

2006-02-25 - EarthLink, Google Apply For San Francisco Wireless Network  By: iNext

Earthlink Inc. and Google Inc. have submitted a joint proposal for building a citywide wireless network in S ...

2006-02-24 - Low-Cost Mobile Phones Planned For One Billion Users  By: iTech

The ultra-low-cost mobile handset market beckoned to handset manufacturers and service providers at last wee ...

2006-02-24 - AT&T, Yahoo Link Web To Cingular Mobile Phones  By: iMark

AT&T Inc. and Yahoo Inc. are launching a service that lets people use Cingular mobile phones to get acce ...

2006-02-23 - Samsung introduces slimmest DMB phone  By: iNext

SEOUL, South Korea — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. unveiled Tuesday (Feb. 21) what it claimed is the w ...

2006-02-23 - Wireless To Organize--And Maybe Save--Lives  By: iTech

Imagine a warning on your cell phone that tells you when a parent in ill health needs help, when you've eate ...

2006-02-20 - Mobile Phones Target MySpace Generation  By: inet

Helio LLC, a joint venture between Korean wireless carrier SK Telecom Co. Ltd. and Earthlink Inc., plans to ...

2006-02-19 - African entrepreneur tweaks U.S. at 3GSM  By: inet

BARCELONA — In the midst of Europe’s largest mobile telephony conference Wednesday, an African e ...

2006-02-18 - Mobile phone industry targets the Third World  By: iMark

BARCELONA, Spain — With a saturated market in Western Europe and North America and a user base adoptin ...

2006-02-16 - Vodafone And Google Sign Mobile Phone Search Deal  By: iNext

Britain's Vodafone Group Plc, the world's biggest mobile phone operator by sales, said on Tuesday it has sig ...

2006-02-16 - iSkoot Links Cell Phones To Skype  By: inet

A U.S.-based start-up firm unveiled a gateway Wednesday that links Cingular Wireless users to the Skype VoIP ...

2006-02-12 - Trio combine to power converged UMA phones  By: inet

PARIS— Philips Semiconductors has scored a significant win in the emerging Wi-Fi and cellular converge ...

2006-02-10 - Freescale, Nokia ready 3G phone ref design  By: iNext

PARIS— Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has joined forces with Nokia and Symbian to offer later this year ...

2006-02-09 - IBM Creates Chips For Faster Wireless Data  By: iTech

IBM on Monday said it has developed new chips for quickly transmitting data over wireless networks.

2006-02-09 - Motorola pushes MicroTCA servers for mobile apps  By: inet

LONDON — Motorola is pushing to get communications servers based on the emerging MicroTCA specificatio ...

2006-02-07 - WiFi Phone Market Hits $102.5 Million; Will Double This Year  By: iMark

The worldwide WiFi VoIP phone market jumped 76% to reach $102.5 million in revenue this year, according to a ...

2006-02-06 - Docomo to evaluate WiMax  By: iMark

NTT Docomo Inc. will begin evaluating Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax) this month.

2006-02-05 - Google, VW Developing In-Car Navigation System  By: inet

Google Inc. and Volkswagen of America Inc. are developing an in-car navigation system that displays a photo- ...

2006-02-04 - Firms Complete HSDPA Prototypes For GSM Networks  By: iTech

Preparing for the upcoming 3GSM 2006 trade show in Barcelona, companies backing the European GSM cell phone ...

2006-02-04 - Trio combine for Wi-Fi/cellular handset ref design  By: iNext

LONDON — Quorum Systems, Inc., TTPCom Ltd and Analog Devices Inc. have collaborated on a GSM/Voice-ove ...

2006-02-03 - Kyocera, Marvell team on Wi-Fi/CDMA platform  By: inet

Kyocera Wireless Corp. has signed a strategic alliance with Marvell to develop a dual-mode Wi-Fi/CDMA handse ...

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