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Archive of Security :  January,2006

2006-01-15 - Symantec Denies It Uses Rootkit In Software  By: iNext

Symantec on Thursday disputed the claim by researchers who said it was using a rootkit to hide files from us ...

2006-01-15 - Bug Bounty Hunters Spot Flaw In Linux AV  By: iTech

3Com has identified a vulnerability in a popular Linux anti-virus program, the fourth time bug bounty hunter ...

2006-01-14 - Viisage, Identix Merging To Form Biometric ID Giant  By: inet

Two major players in the biometric identity, Viisage Technology and Identix, announced Thursday that they wi ...

2006-01-13 - Novell Unveils Linux App Security Project  By: iNext

Novell Inc. on Tuesday launched an open-source project for developing technology that provides application s ...

2006-01-13 - Apple Fixes Eight QuickTime Bugs  By: iMark

Apple Computer Tuesday updated its QuickTime media player to fix eight critical security vulnerabilities tha ...

2006-01-13 - Microsoft's Newest Bug Could Be Awful, Researcher Says  By: iNext

The Outlook and Exchange vulnerability disclosed by Microsoft Tuesday has the potential to become a much mor ...

2006-01-09 - IM Worm Makes New Use Of Old Techniques  By: iNext

The Sober virus was not the only worm to make its run on Friday. FaceTime Communications reported the discov ...

2006-01-08 - FTC Nails Two Spyware Sellers For Tricking Users  By: iNext

Two companies accused of deceiving computer users into believing their systems were infected with spyware ha ...

2006-01-08 - Sober Worm Outbreak Under Control  By: iTech

Concerns over the latest potentially high-profile Internet worm attack seem to have been allayed this week, ...

2006-01-04 - Symantec Snaps Up IMlogic  By: iMark

Symantec said Tuesday that it will acquire privately-held IMlogic to beef up its security and management of ...

2006-01-02 - Phishers Stay One Step Ahead  By: iTech

Fraudsters stayed a step ahead of gullible Internet users in 2005 by fine-tuning their tactics and turning t ...

2006-01-01 - U.S. To Probe Contractor's Web Tracking  By: iTech

Unbeknownst to the Bush administration, an outside contractor has been using Internet tracking technologies ...

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