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Posted by inet on 2006-01-01       Article Source : Reuters

Investors may remember 2005 as the year technology stocks heated up again as shares of Google Inc. and Apple Computer Inc. soared. But those stocks may mask a maturing of an industry once notorious for boom-and-bust cycles, analysts said.
Google's 118 percent surge in 2005 and Apple's 122 percent leap contrast with the 1.8 percent gain of the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index and the 3.4 percent advance of Standard & Poor's 500 Index. The more sedate performance of the broader

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Posted by iNext on 2006-01-01   

Creative Labs is showing no signs of slowing in its pursuit of Apple Computer's iPod market share, with the introduction of the Vision:M video-capable MP3 player.
The 30GB device features a 2.5-inch high-resolution color screen that the company claims is able to display four times the color of the video iPod. And at four hours, its video playback time is double that of Apple's.

The Vision:M supports MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and WMV video formats, among others, as well as TiVoToGo

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Posted by iTech on 2005-12-31       Article Source : IDG NEWS SERVICE

After more than 20 years of service as a tool to teach consumers what brand of chip to ask for inside a personal computer, Intel Corp. has decided it’s out with the old “Intel Inside” campaign in favor of a new logo and tag line that includes the phrase “Leap ahead.” The logo and tag line will be formally announced on Jan. 3.
As part of the major re-branding effort, the 37-year old Intel logo, its name in lower case

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Posted by iNext on 2005-12-31       Article Source : MacCentral

There can be no doubt that 2005 was a stellar year for Apple. From record-breaking quarterly financial reports and the release of Mac OS X Tiger to the announced transition of the Macintosh to the Intel platform and new iPods, Apple fired on all cylinders throughout much of the year, creating unprecedented demand for many of its products.
Record breaking profits

Apple started off 2005 by announcing a $295 million profit and the highest quarterly revenue and net

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Posted by iTech on 2005-12-29       Article Source : MacCentral

When the skies are filled with flying cars piloted by our silver-jumpsuited descendants, history will look upon 2005 as The Year of the iPod (Again). Whereas 2004 established the iPod as a genuine phenomenon, 2005 proved that Apple’s music player had moved beyond mere fad to institution.
Mention iPod and your audience knew you spoke of the world’s most popular music player. The pejorative MP3 player denoted music-player wannabes—lesser devices that would have to do because an iPod was unavailable

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Posted by iTech on 2005-12-25       Article Source : IDG NEWS SERVICE

A recently formed industry consortium backed by PC and consumer electronics companies is pushing a new standard for the interface that links PCs and high-definition digital displays.
The UDI SIG (unified display interface special interest group) hopes to replace the old VGA (video graphics array) interface with a new connection that can accommodate high-end video content, it said in a press release this week. Companies such as Intel, Apple, Nvidia, Silicon Image, Samsung Electronics and Foxconn Electronics are supporting the

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Posted by iMark on 2005-12-25   

NEW YORK - Driven largely by the popularity of the iTunes music service and software, Apple Computer Inc.'s Web site was the fastest growing last month among the major brands, according to a study by Nielsen/NetRatings.
The site drew 30.8 million unique visitors in November, a 57 percent jump from the 19.6 million a year earlier. Google Inc. saw a 29 percent growth in visitors while Amazon.com Inc. had a 16 percent boost.

Yahoo Inc. remained the Web's leading

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Posted by iNext on 2005-12-25       Article Source : USA TODAY

You've got the whole TV world in your hand - if that's where you want it.
By now, you probably know that those industrious iPodders at Apple have added TV to their music box, streaming Apple Store-supplied video onto a screen that's roughly the size of a small Post-it Note. And all you need to join this brave new TV world are good eyes, a steady hand and a desire to see some very tiny Desperate Housewives misbehave in your palm,

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Posted by inet on 2005-12-23       Article Source : IDG NEWS SERVICE

Computer users are seeing fewer unsolicited commercial e-mail messages in their inboxes two years after the U.S. Congress passed an antispam law, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said Tuesday.
The antispam law, called the CAN-SPAM Act, has provided the FTC and law enforcement agencies a new weapon to fight spam, but much of the reason computer users are seeing less spam is because they’re using blocking software and services, said the FTC in a 116-page report to Congress. The

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Posted by iMark on 2005-12-21       Article Source : NewsFactor

Apple Computer's Xserve G5 offers significant processing power, notable storage capacity, and robust remote-management capabilities, making the server perfect for corporate environments. So why aren't more businesses buying them?
Unix maintains only about 8 percent of server-environment shipments worldwide, according to IDC analyst Dan Kusnetzky. Of those shipments, Apple is responsible for approximately 5 percent.

These numbers indicate that, when compared to other server manufacturers, Apple is a minor player in the business market, despite its development of

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Posted by iTech on 2005-12-20       Article Source : NewsFactor

Microsoft will stop supporting the Mac version of Internet Explorer at the end of 2005. The move follows a decision in June 2003 to end code development for the browser. At that time, Microsoft had predicted it would end support within a few years of letting the product sit idle.
Although users still can download Internet Explorer for Mac from the Microsoft site, the company has recommended that users move to other Web browsers, such as Apple's Safari.
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Posted by inet on 2005-12-18       Article Source : AP

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Five years ago, Apple Computer Inc. was barely an afterthought in the halls of electronics companies. Not anymore.
With its best-selling iPods and landmark licensing deals with music and television moguls propelling new ways of consuming digital media, Apple now is the pacesetter.

"In the consumer electronics world, there's always talk now about Apple, the way people used to talk about Sony," said analyst Richard Doherty of The Envisioneering Group. "At the water cooler or

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Posted by iNext on 2005-12-17   

Hong Kong-based SwitchEasy, Ltd., a young company currently focused on Apple iPod add-ons, announced this week the availability of its second product, the Capsule Accessory System, which is designed to protect the tiny and delicate iPod Nano.
SwitchEasy launched its first Capsule accessory on Tuesday: a fashion-forward, duo-toned polycarbonate carrying case.

Each case includes a replaceable color lens cap and matching lanyard and customized static-cling touch wheel protector, both of which users can opt to mix, match or

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Posted by inet on 2005-12-17       Article Source : IDG NEWS SERVICE

Ipevo Inc., a Taiwanese startup based in California, has launched the beta version of a software driver that allows its Skype phones to be used on computers running Apple’s Mac OS X, the company said Thursday.
It’s the company’s first attempt to get its Free-1 Skype phones, handsets that plug into a computer via its USB (universal serial bus) port and are designed for free Internet phone calls using Skype Technologies SA’s popular VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) software, into

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Posted by inet on 2005-12-16       Article Source : MacCentral

Yak Communications on Wednesday announced the launch of its yakForFree Virtual VideoPhone software for Mac OS X. YakForFree enables users to make free voice and video calls to each other over the Internet using broadband connections. Optionally, the service can be used to make Voice over IP calls to land lines and cell phones with the addition of a paid component.
Features of yakForFree include video and instant messaging capabilities, audio conference for up to 10 users, unlimited distributed conferencing,

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