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Posted by iTech on 2006-02-17       Article Source : MacCentral

Apple on Tuesday shipped its recently introduced Intel-based MacBook Pro, surprising customers with processors speeds that are faster than previously announced. The new laptops are available beginning this week with speeds up to 2.16GHz.

"We are shipping the fastest available microprocessor available in the Intel Core Duo family that they can produce," Dave Russell, Apple's Senior Director of Portables and Wireless, told Macworld.

Customers that ordered an MacBook Pro when they were first introduced at the slower speeds will be given

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Posted by inet on 2006-02-15       Article Source : AP

NEW YORK - After bemoaning the emergence of the iPod as children's latest must-have toy, toy makers are now looking at the digital musical player as their own marketing strategy.
After the success last year of Zizzle Inc.'s iZ and Hasbro Inc.'s I-Dog, both of which can be hooked up to Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod, competitors are coming up with their own iPod-friendly products, aimed at pre-teens. The toys, being shown at this week's American International Toy Fair trade expo,

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Posted by iMark on 2006-02-15       Article Source : MacCentral

Nullriver Software — best known for their Playstation Portable (PSP) to Mac sync software PSPWare — has introduced Connect360, a utility that helps the Mac share content with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video game console. Available now as a public beta version, Connect360 costs $10 to register.
The Xbox360 is more than just a game console — it’s also capable of playing music, viewing digital photos and more. Connect360 is a Mac utility that shares iTunes and iPhoto content with your

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Posted by iTech on 2006-02-14       Article Source : Reuters

Apple Computer Inc. on Tuesday cut the price of its cheapest digital music player, the iPod Shuffle, and launched a smaller-capacity version of its mid-priced iPod Nano.
The move by Apple, which has 70 percent of the U.S. digital music player market, is aimed at further consolidating a market that it leads, Apple executives said. The company also said it has now sold 12 million videos on its iTunes online store.

Apple has already sold more than 40 million

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Posted by iNext on 2006-02-14       Article Source : eWeek

Apple Computer Inc. on Tuesday launched a new 1 gigabyte iPod nano music player for $149 and said it cut the price of its Shuffle music player.
It said that the price of its 512 megabyte Shuffle music player will sell at $69, down from $99. Its 1 gigabyte model will sell for $99, down from $129.

Apple, the leading provider of portable music players, said the new 1 gigabyte Nano, which is immediately available, could hold up to

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Posted by iMark on 2006-02-08       Article Source : PC World

Are Macs impervious to malicious software? No. Have Macs been the subject of catastrophic attacks? No again. Should Mac users be vigilant anyway? Of course.
It's time for me to fess up: I've been as complacent as most Mac users when it comes to taking precautions to safeguard my data and the integrity of my system. Although my Windows PC is swaddled in antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall software, my Mac has been fairly undefended, up to now. I just haven't felt

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Posted by iNext on 2006-02-06       Article Source : TechWeb News

Apple Computer Inc. has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for touch-screen technology. The latest patent filed on Jan. 31, 2005, was approved on Feb. 2.
The patent is for touch screen, touch pad and other types of touch-sensing technology. The document identifies a computer method for processing touch inputs, including reading data from a touch sensitive device with multipoint capabilities and identifying at least one multipoint gesture from the touch-sensitive device.


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Posted by iTech on 2006-02-05       Article Source : ExtremeTech

On Friday, Addonics Technologies announced a cable to allow a Toshiba 1.8-inch hard drive -- the same hard drive used within the Apple iPod -- to be connected to a computer.
However, the cable could also prove to be the RIAA's latest weapon in the war over sharing copyrighted music.

By itself, the $14.99 cable provides a connection between the 1.8-inch Toshiba hard drive and a standard 2.5-inch 40-pin IDE hard drive interface. A number of intermediary attachments will

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Posted by iNext on 2006-02-05       Article Source : MacCentral

Apple has reduced pricing on its 20-inch iMac G5 by $200, lowering the price to $1,499. The 17-inch iMac G5 remains at the same price as before, $1,299.
Apple continues to sell the G5-based iMacs alongside the new Intel Core Duo-based iMacs. In a recent conference call with financial analysts, company executives confirmed plans to sell the iMac G5s while supplies last.

The reduced price of the iMac G5 is now reflected at Apple’s online store and from leading

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Posted by inet on 2006-02-04       Article Source : MacCentral

Graphics software giant, Adobe on Monday confirmed their commitment to bringing their Creative Suite applications to the Intel-based Macs. While the company did not give specific release dates, they did offer some more details on their newest Mac OS X beta release.
“Adobe is excited about Apple’s move to the Intel platform. Adobe was one of the first companies that committed to develop software for the new platform, with future versions of Adobe Creative Suite supporting both PowerPC- and Intel-based

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Posted by iNext on 2006-02-04   

SAN JOSE, Calif. - In its latest move to broaden its iPod and iTunes franchises, Apple Computer Inc. has introduced "iTunes U," a nationwide expansion of a service that makes course lectures and other educational materials accessible via Apple's iTunes software.
The company behind the iPod portable players, the iTunes online music store and Macintosh computers had been working with six universities on the pilot project for more than a year and expanded the educational program this week, inviting other

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Posted by iNext on 2006-02-04       Article Source : TechWeb News

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday confirmed that it's considering plans to build its own portable music player to rival Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod, which has captured the lion share of the market at the expense of competitors offering devices with Microsoft's music player.
BusinessWeek reported Thursday that the Redmond, Wash., software maker was working on plans to develop its own device, rather than just rely on partners to take on Apple, which is becoming a dominant player in entertainment on the

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Posted by iNext on 2006-01-15       Article Source : Macworld

From the outside, Apple’s new MacBook Pro looks suspiciously like a 15-inch aluminum PowerBook G4. Yes, the ports are slightly different, and it’s slightly wider and thinner. But inside, it’s a completely different machine.
Intel’s Core Duo processor gives Apple a combination of speed and energy efficiency that the company never could get from the PowerPC processor family—one of the big reasons why Apple kissed those processors goodbye and made the move to Intel. As a result, the MacBook Pro

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Posted by iNext on 2006-01-14       Article Source : NewsFactor

As Macworld gets in full swing, the appearance of so many accessory makers indicates a robust and growing market for third-party devices and add-ons geared toward the iPod media player.
In the exhibition hall for Macworld, about 20 percent of the 330 vendors are selling iPod-related products, ranging from nifty cases to wireless headphones.

Those exhibiting are only a smattering of those looking to cash in on the iPod's popularity, however.

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Posted by inet on 2006-01-12       Article Source : NewsFactor

Apple entered a new era Tuesday with the launch of its first Intel-powered iMac. The move represents an Apple shift to more mainstream technology and an alliance with a company that has considerable clout in the PC market.
The latest iMac features Mac OS X running on Intel's new Core Duo processor, delivering performance that Apple CEO Steve Jobs says is up to twice that of its predecessor and promises to knock the socks off of Mac customers.
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