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Posted by inet on 2006-07-01       Article Source : MacCentral

Adobe on Wednesday announced the release of Flash Player . It&;s a free download for Mac        OS X and Windows operating systems.
Adobe claims that Flash Player runs up to times faster than before thanks to ActionScript and a new ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM) that features a Just In Time (JIT) compiler.

Also new in this release is application runtime support for Flex an Internet application development platform also released Wednesday by Adobe. Flex &;

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Posted by iMark on 2006-06-29   

Looking to increase adoption of its Flex rich Internet application development technology Adobe Systems is releasing its Flex product line on Wednesday which features free versions and the ability to push data to clients.
With Flex enterprises would only begin paying as they scale up their applications. "We think this really changes the game significantly in the rich Internet application space" said Jeff Whatcott Adobe senior director of product marketing.

While the new tiered pricing strategy might be

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Posted by inet on 2006-06-23       Article Source : NewsFactor

As part of its recent push to have its Web browser toolbar installed everywhere around the world Google has agreed to pay an unspecified "significant amount" to have the software bundled with select Adobe downloads.
The initial venue for the Google miniapp will be downloads of the popular and free Shockwave multimedia player.

The move is seen by some observers as an effort to outflank Microsoft especially as Internet Explorer nears its formal launch this summer. The next

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Posted by inet on 2006-06-16   

One of the two security updates that Microsoft released Tuesday for its Office suite applies not only to Windowspowered computers but also to Macs.

The bulletin labeled MS fixes a flaw in PowerPoint the presentation maker in Office that could let an attacker hijack a system by sending its user a speciallycrafted PowerPoint file.

To plug the hole Microsoft posted updates for Office for Mac (version ..) and Microsoft Office v. X for Mac.

Office for Mac .. also

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Posted by iNext on 2006-05-04   

iTunes Music Store rival Napster has launched a new Web site that lets PC and Mac users listen to music for free. The company’s premium service remains PC compatible-only, however, and its Napster To Go service still does not work with Apple’s iPod.
The free ad-supported service enables you to listen to most of the two million plus songs on Napster without having to submit any credit card information, but there are limitations: You can only listen to songs five

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Posted by iTech on 2006-05-02       Article Source : MacCentral

Apple has updated the two applications included with its iWork ‘06 application suite: Pages and Keynote. Pages 2.0.1 is now available for download, and Keynote 3.0.1 has been released as well. Both are available for download from Apple’s Web site or through the Software Update system preference.
Pages is Apple’s word processing software with advanced graphics and page layout capabilities. The updated release addresses problems associated with charts and image adjust. It also corrects other minor issues, according to Apple.Read More...  

Posted by iNext on 2006-05-02       Article Source : IDG NEWS SERVICE

Sony is preparing to take another swing at Apple’s iPod digital music player, a top Sony executive said Friday.
The company is developing a new music player that will go on sale in the U.S. and other markets over the next year, alongside a companion download service and software, said Takao Yuhara, senior vice president of Sony, at a briefing with reporters in Tokyo.

The player will be “typically Sony,” he said, drawing on the company’s strength in areas

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Posted by iTech on 2006-04-30       Article Source : MacCentral

Apple didn’t disappoint again this year as the company unveiled the 17-inch MacBook Pro at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Apple’s booth was lined daily from one side to the other with onlookers scouting out the MacBook and the company’s professional software editing suite, Final Cut Studio.
It was hard to tell if people’s initial interest was in Apple’s Intel-based Macs or in Final Cut Studio, but Apple said it came down to the interaction

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Posted by iMark on 2006-04-29       Article Source : MacCentral

Apple on Monday introduced the 17-inch version of its Intel-powered MacBook Pro. The new laptop computer will start shipping next week for $2,799.

The 17-inch MacBook Pro features a 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo processor. It has a 667MHz front side bus (FSB) and 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM expandable to 2GB.

The new large screen-equipped MacBook Pro makes its debut during this week’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. David Moody, Apple’s vice president of worldwide Mac product

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Posted by iNext on 2006-04-25       Article Source : IDG NEWS SERVICE

A version of Adobe Systems Inc.’s flagship Photoshop software that will run on Mac computers based on either the legacy PowerPC or new Intel platform will be available in the first half of next year, the company’s CEO said Friday.
The software is one of the highest profile titles that has not yet been released in the Universal Binary format that Apple Computer Inc. is encouraging software makers to use. The format allows programs to run on both PowerPC and

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Posted by iNext on 2006-04-24       Article Source : MacCentral

Apple extended its recycling program on Friday offering consumers a way to dispose of their old systems for free. Beginning in June, Apple will offer all US customers who buy a computer through the online Apple Store or an Apple retail location free shipping and environmentally friendly disposal of their old computer.

“Apple is committed to supporting our customers and protecting the environment throughout the entire product life cycle, from purchase through to retirement,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of

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Posted by iNext on 2006-04-23       Article Source : TechWeb News

Several Apple resellers are marketing Intel-based Mac desktops and portables with Windows XP pre-installed, but Apple Computer Inc. reiterated that it has no intention of following their lead.
The resellers, which include a small Utah-based company and a major California computer online warehouse, are bundling Windows XP with standard Macintosh models, and pre-installing the Microsoft operating system using the Boot Camp dual-boot application that Apple released earlier this month.

ExperCom is touting a $2,029 MacBook Pro with Windows

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Posted by inet on 2006-04-22       Article Source : MacCentral

Stock of San Jose-based semiconductor maker PortalPlayer tumbled on Thursday after news surfaced the company’s chips would not be used in future Apple iPods.
PortalPlayer hoped its new chip, which is the follow-up to its PP5021 System-on-Chip (SoC) expected to be available in the second half of 2006, would be selected by Apple. PortalPlayer said they believe that the PP5021 will continue to be used in other members of the iPod family.

Not being selected for new iPod models

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Posted by iMark on 2006-04-21       Article Source : IDG NEWS SERVICE

Sony is planning to sell two of five business jets it owns later this year as part of its ongoing company-wide restructuring, it said Tuesday.

Of the company’s five jets, three are in the U.S. The other are two are kept in Japan and Europe, respectively. Sony is planning to sell two of the U.S.-based jets and then move the Japanese and European-based aircraft to the U.S. to replace them, said Mami Imada, a spokeswoman for Sony in Tokyo. The latter aircraft

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Posted by inet on 2006-04-20       Article Source : MacCentral

Burst.com filed a patent counterclaims lawsuit in the Federal District Court in San Francisco on Monday accusing Apple of infringing on four of its patents. Burst claims that Apple’s iTunes Music Store, iTunes software, the iPod devices and Apple’s QuickTime Streaming products are all affected by the patents.
Burst filed the suit in response to an Apple filing earlier this year asking the courts to rule that Burst’s patents were invalid and as such Apple did not infringe on them.

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